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Discover 19 outstanding sites with their local history, their beautiful architecture, their sacred objects and stunning decors.


4 themed discoveries will help you choose the monuments :

Heritage and monumental sites, Style over the course of time, Sacred art and sacred decors and Meet with the unusual.

Major historic events have dotted the landscape with monumental buildings.

Discover these unique landmarks in Brittany. 

Sainte-Anne-d'Auray, a major site of pilgrimage

The most important site of pilgrimage in Brittany, since the XVIIth century. This sanctuary was founded in 1625, with the discovery of the statue of Saint Anne.


Open daily : 9am - 6pm / 2 - 7 pm

Rue de Vannes, 56400 SAINTE-ANNE-D'AURAY

The Champ-des-Martyrs, a place of memory

This is where the Royalist émigrés and Chouans were executed following the Quiberon landing in 1795.


Site accessible all time, the chapel is closed

Toulbadeu, 56400 BREC'H

Saint-Guigner church, last remain of an religious complex

Listed collection of religious goldsmithery, remains of the chapel Notre-Dame des Orties and chapel Saint Adrien nearby.


Open on Fridays with volunteers,

2:30 to 6pm, July 9th to August 27th, and every day 9am - 6:30pm

Place Notre-Dame des Orties, 56330 PLUVIGNER

Saint-Gildas church and its high tower-bell

Classified as Historical Monuments since

1995, Saint-Gildas Church overlooks the city d'Auray with its remarkable bell tower. Built in the 17th century, it has exceptional furniture, also classified, as its major altarpiece.

Open daily : 8:30am - 6:30pm 

7 place Gabriel Deshayes, 56400 AURAY

The chapel of Saint Esprit, remnant of the former commandery

Situated in Auray, this is the last remnant of the former Saint-Esprit commandery. It is now used for exhibitions.


Open from Mondays to Saturdays, 10:30am - 12:30am / 2 - 6pm

May 22th to Sept 19th 

Place du Four Mollet, 56400 AURAY

Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Classical, Modern... Immerse yourself in 900 years of history and religious architecture by visiting 5 iconic buildings.

The roman art at the chapel Notre-Dame de Pitié

This chapel was built during the XIVth century. Inside, there is a crypt and a listed monumental tombstone.


Open on Tuesdays, 2 - 6pm, July 6th to August 31st

Locmaria, 56400 PLOËMEL

The elegant Renaissance style at the chapel Sainte-Avoye

This chapel from the XVIth century is a jewel of the Renaissance period and a listed monument. Inside, you can see a rare polychromatic chancel screen.


Open on Saturdays 3 - 6pm,

only guided visit

Village de Sainte-Avoye, 56400 PLUNERET

The modernity at the chapel Notre-Dame de la Route

XXth century building by the renowned architect Yves Guillou.


Open daily, 10am - 6pm

Mané-Salut, 56400 BREC'H

The flamboyant Gothic at the chapel La Trinité

A XVth century chapel with timber beams (sablières) and cornices carved with fantasy figures.


Open on Tuesdays, 2:30 - 6pm, July 6th to September 7th

Rue des trois clochers, 56400 PLUMERGAT

The Classical order and the altarpiece at the chapel Saint-Quirin

A listed chapel from the XVIIth century with a Lavallois altarpiece and a miraculous fountain.


Open on Tuesdays, 2:30 - 6:30pm,

July 6th to August 24th 

Saint-Guérin, 56400 BREC'H

The medieval paintings in the chapel Notre-Dame de Locmaria

This chapel was built during the XIIIth century. One can admire the framework and mural paintings among the most ancient in Morbihan.


Open on Fridays, 2-6pm, July 2nd to September 19th + Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of September fo European Heritage Days.

Locmaria-er-Hoët, 56690 LANDÉVANT

The Renaissance stained-glass window in the chapel of Saint-Méen

XVI century building, rare double choir chapel, listed stained glass window. Healing fountain. 


Open on Tuesdays 2 - 6 pm, July 6th to August 31st

Lieu dit Saint-Méen, 56400 PLOËMEL

The tombstone of Pierre de Broërec in the chapel Notre-Dame de Pitié

This tombstone is considered as one of the masterpieces of Breton medieval art.


Open on Tuesdays, 2 - 6pm, July 6th to August 31st

Locmaria, 56400 PLOËMEL

The mural paintings in the chapel Notre-Dame de Recouvrance

XVIth century building, mural paintings from the XVIIth century.


Open on Tuesdays, 2 - 6pm, July 6th to August 31st

Rue de l'église, 56400 PLOËMEL

The stained-glass window and the framework of the chapel Notre-Dame de Gornévec

Rebuilt in the XXth century, with carved timber beams (sablières) a beautiful framework and stained glass windows.


Open daily, 10am - 6:30pm,

July 3rd to September 5th + WE & public holiday all year, 10am - 6pm 

Gornévec, 56400 PLUMERGAT

The sculpted timber beams (sablières) and cornices in the chapel of la Trinité

The sculpted beams and the cornices of this chapel from the XVth century are carved with fantasy figures.


Open on Tuesdays, 2:30 - 6:30pm,

July 6th to September 7th 

Rue des trois clochers, 56400 PLUMERGAT

The miraculous fountain of Saint-Quirin

The water of this miraculous fountain healed a lot a people. Several miracles are recorded in the "Cahier des miracles de Saint-Quirin"

Accessible all time

Village Saint-Guérin, 56400 BREC'H

The surprising fusion of two building in-one, Saint-Théleau/Sainte-Marie-Madeleine church

XV century building, is a result of an orchestrated fusion in the XIX century between the old Saint-Madeleine church and the Notre-Dame de Bon Secours chapel. 

Open on Fridays 3 - 6pm, July 9th to August 27th

Place de l'Église, 56690 LANDAUL

Numerous statues of the

Saint-Goal chapel

XV century building, reshuffled in the XIX century. Rich in statues. According to tradition, this is saint Goal's last hermitage and where he died.


Open on Thursdays, 3 - 6pm, July 8th to August 26th

Locoal-Camors, 56330 CAMORS

The iron Age stele and the Merovigian sarcophagus, chapel Saint-Maurille

This chapel was built during the XVIIth century. At the back of the nave, a sarcophagus from the VIth century. Outside of the chapel, a listed Iron Age stele, carved with a cross.

Open on Fridays, 3 - 6pm, July 9th to August 27th

Langombrac'h, 56690 LANDAUL

The oak tree of Bé er Sant so called the Saint's grave, Forest of Floranges

A Republican soldier was executed there, a site of devotion ever since. In the Forest of Floranges, access from the carpark and the red gate located on the D779 between Bieuzy-Lanvaux and Camors, second track on the left after the forest house.


Accessible all time,

Download the hiking map here (french) 

Fôret de Floranges, 56330 CAMORS

A chapel can conceal several, chapel of Rimaison

Built in the XX century by an enthusiast with the stones of the old chapel Notre-Dame des Orties. 


Open on Tuesdays to Sundays,

12 - 10pm

July 6th to September 19th 

7 route de Landaul, 56330 PLUVIGNER