You will find on this page the informations related to the guided tours, concerts and animations. 


You can discover the religious heritage of Brittany through guided tours (in French only).

From the Chartreuse to the Champ-des-Martyrs


A commented walk of 3kms to discover the battle of Auray in 1364 and the landing of Quiberon in 1795, the old Carthusian monastery and the Champs-des-martyrs. The visit does not include entry to the old monastery which is closed to the public in 2020.

Every Friday from the 17th of July to the 28th of August at 14:30 pm

 Allée Marie-Louise Trichet - 56400 Brec’h (1km far from the railway station of Auray)

► 6€ - Free for under 12's / Mandatory reservation

Chapel Notre-Dame de Locmaria


The chapel of Notre-Dame de Locmaria, listed Historical Monument, was built upon an old Gallo-Roman building. Built at the beginning of the XIIIth century, it underwent modifications thus mixing the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The walls and frame of this remarkable chapel were covered with medieval paintings. Recently restored, they are among the oldest wall paintings in Morbihan.

Thursday July the 23rd and Thursday August the 13th at 10:30 am

Locmaria-er-Hoët - 56690 Landévant

► 6€ - Free for under 12's / Mandatory reservation

Chapel Saint-Quirin


Listed as Historical Monument, the chapel Saint-Quirin dates from the XVIIth century. Built in classical style, it houses one of the most beautiful altarpieces in Morbihan. This Laval altarpiece is remarkable for its beauty and for the rich materials that compose it: tuffeau, marble, terracotta statues. The healing fountain of the chapel makes it an important sanctuary.

Thursday August the 6th at 10:30am

Saint-Guérin - 56400 Brec'h

 6€ - Free for under 12's / Mandatory reservation

Visit of the city centre of Pluvigner


Discover the town centre of Pluvigner and its rich religious heritage, from the Saint-Guigner church and the remains of the chapel Notre-Dame des Orties, to the fountain of Saint-Guigner. 

Thursday July the 30th and Thursday August the 20th at 10:30am

Place Notre-Dame des Orties - 56330 Pluvigner

  6€ - Free for under 12's / Mandatory reservation


Sainte-Anne-d'Auray Sanctuary


Discovery tour of the most famous pilgrimage site in Brittany. In Sainte-Anne-d'Auray, during the XVIIth century, a field became a prestigious sanctuary made up of different monuments built over the centuries.

Every Wednesday from the15th of July to the 12th of August at 14:15 pm

Rue de Vannes - 56400 Sainte-Anne-d'Auray

 Free participation / Reservation recommended

Enjoy the setting of a remarkable building during a concert of classical, sacred and traditional music. 


Guitar recital - Des origines jusqu'à nos jours

Charlie Richardson-Smith (guitar)


Born in La Chapelle Neuve, the young british guitarist Charlie Richardson will perform a guitar recital in the church of Saint-Sané in Camors. He will make you discover his musicial repertoire, from his origins to nowadays. 

Saturday, August the 29th, 20:30 pm

 Church of Saint-Sané, CAMORS

► This concert is organized by the association Le Chant de la Terre

► Contact : 06 74 71 50 61. More informations at

On both sides of the Channel, the musical Europe of Louis XIV and Queen Marie II

Anne-Sophie Petit (soprano) and Jérome Brodin (harpsichord)


Anne-Sophie Petit and Jérôme Brodin immerse you in the Franco-British atmosphere of the mid-Baroque period. Combining secular and sacred music, they forge links between three brilliant composers from France and Great Britain, Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643), Henry Purcell (1659-1695), François Couperin (1668-1733) and their contemporaries ( Louis Marchand and John Blow). They reveal what brings them together, but also the personality and the style of each of them.

Wednesday July the 29th at 16:15 pm

Basilica of Saint Anne, SAINTE-ANNE-D'AURAY

 Free participation

Laudes franciscaines (Venite a laudare)   

Vocal group Ma non Troppo : Emmanuelle Huteau, singing and dulcian / Elsa Papatanasios, singing / Daniela Maltrain, singing et vielle


During the XIIIth century, with Saint Francis of Assisi, a whole repertoire of popular devotion songs began to develop in Italy. Most of the songs are orally transmitted but some have been written and have reached us. These are the very first collections of popular songs of devotion written in vernacular language, related to the Virgin or the saints. The melodies of Mediterranean style are alternately fresh and poignant. Lauda will later become a full-fledged musical form, written for three voices in the XVth century, then for four voices in the first Italian musical impressions of the XVIth century. 

Wednesday August the 5th at 16h15 pm

Basilica of Saint Anne, SAINTE-ANNE-D'AURAY

 Free participation

Around Détour d'Art

Discover the programme of our partners

Nolwenn Arzel, celtic harp concert


Raised in a passionate and romantic claim of Breton identity, Nolwenn Arzel delivers a creative and a poetic music, in which traditional Breton, Irish tunes, pieces of baroque music or personal compositions follow one another.

Friday the 31st of July at 19 pm 

Eglise Saint-Guigner, Place Notre-Dame des Orties 56330 PLUVIGNER

 Price : 6€. Reduced rate : 4€.

Information / reservation : 06 40 88 14 55,

Musical meeting - The organ of Pluvigner


In Pluvigner, the building of the church organ is nearing completion. The organ specialist Rémy Mahler has started the delicate and fascinating phase of harmonization. Mickaël Gaborieau (organ teacher at the Académie de Musique et d'Arts Sacrés de Sainte-Anne-d'Auray and concert artist), will welcome the public, explain this project for which he is one of the initiators, and will play short pieces to the visitors so they can hear this instrument.

Wednesday the 22nd of July and Wednesday the 26th of July at 18:30 pm

Eglise Saint-Guigner, Place Notre-Dame des Orties, 56330 PLUVIGNER


 Informations / reservations : 06 40 88 14 55,